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Full Moon Drum Circle

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⁣Beneath the enchanting glow of the full moon, a rhythmic ritual unfolds on the shores of Laguna Beach, California. The air is alive with anticipation as the Full Moon Drum Circle gathers, a monthly celebration that transforms the beach into a pulsating haven of beats and energy.

Nestled underneath the watchful gaze of the Montage Hotel, the gathering draws in a diverse community of 75 to 100 drummers, each bringing their unique spirit to the rhythmic communion. At the heart of this lunar symphony stands Myrin New, the maestro of the Djembe, his presence elevating the gathering to a whole new level.

As the moonlight casts a silver sheen on the sands, Myrin's Djembe takes center stage. His hands, an extension of his vibrant spirit, coax an extraordinary range of tones from the drum, echoing across the beach like a primal call to the universe. The Full Moon Drum Circle becomes a canvas for Myrin's rhythmic artistry, his beats weaving a spell that transcends time and space.

The drummers, scattered like stardust along the shoreline, become one with the rhythm, an eclectic tapestry of sound that reverberates through the night. The atmosphere is electric, as the heartbeat of the drums synchronizes with the ebb and flow of the ocean, creating a harmonious dance between nature and human expression.

Underneath the moonlit canopy, the Full Moon Drum Circle is not just a gathering—it's a sacred journey where rhythm becomes a language, and Myrin New, the awesome Djembe drummer, is the storyteller. As the night unfolds, the drummers and the moon engage in a celestial dialogue, creating a magical experience that lingers in the hearts of those who have danced to the rhythm of the full moon in Laguna Beach.

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